05 Apr 2016

For over 20 years, CERN has made an effort to attract more women to scientific careers and enhance the gender balance of its workforce. In addition to structural measures, these efforts range from outreach activities for schoolgirls to participation in high-level panel discussions on the topic.

01 Mar 2016

The Diversity Programme leader, Geneviève Guinot, talks about diversity at CERN and how it is to work in an international organisation in the monthly CERN recruitment blog.

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29 Feb 2016

The Diversity Newsletter for March 2016 has just been published with news on our upcoming events in April and May and some background information on the 5-yearly review of CERN employment conditions.

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21 Jan 2016

CERN will be hiring a Fellow for the CERN Diversity Office in May 2016. Find out more about the position here.

19 Jan 2016

We are proud to announce the approval by CERN Council of the Management proposals in the framework of the 5-yearly review of the employment conditions at CERN. The new diversity-related financial and social conditions are effective as of 1 January 2016. Starting the work in 2014, the Diversity Office has coordinated the effort, working together with several CERN services, for the design of the new measures, listed below.

27 Nov 2015

Diversity is an area of expertise of the CERN Human Resources Department, assuring that the diversity principles of appreciating differences, fostering equality and promoting collaboration are well integrated into all organisational policies, procedures and practices. Our main objective is therefore to embed these principles in HR processes themselves, which has been done since the creation of the Diversity Office.

21 Oct 2015


CERN workshop at "Expanding your Horizons 2015" (Image: Jane del Pozo)

02 Oct 2015

Thanks to all participants of the research survey on early careers in science for your valuable input!

30 Sep 2015

Excellence is a non-negotiable in science, a necessary condition for a successful careers as well as the funding of research projects. Scientific excellence is the sole criterion used by the European Research Council (ERC) to award frontier research grants. However, statistics show that there are still persistent inequalities between men and women scientists in ERC funding success as well as other career outcomes.

03 Sep 2015

After two years, five successful editions and plenty of positive feedback, we are happy to announce the 6th edition of our Diversity in Action workshop.

Seize the opportunity and participate in this half-day interactive workshop designed to explore the meaning and importance of diversity at CERN. Using participative multi-media methods, this workshop will provide participants with insights into the different dimensions of diversity, help to develop greater sensitivity to differences, explore ways to recognise and overcome biases and thereby strengthen our tradition of inclusiveness at CERN.


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