The CERN Diversity Programme

CERN’s Diversity Programme builds on the Organization’s tradition as an equal opportunities employer, extending beyond legal compliance to promote awareness and commitment to diversity.

The Programme is anchored in the CERN Diversity Value:

"Appreciating differences, fostering equality, promoting collaboration"

CERN’s excellence derives from an environment in which the knowledge and perspectives of a diverse workforce are valued and dialogue is encouraged at all levels (CERN Code of Conduct, 2010).

Aims of the Programme: 

  • To have an optimally diversified workforce to achieve the goals of a world laboratory

  • To have the creativity and innovation that comes from the ‘collision’ of diverse ideas, perspectives, approaches - which is at the heart of the scientific method

  • To create a work environment and behaviour that reflects the Organization’s value of diversity in all its policies, procedures and practice

The Programme is committed to

  • Promoting a workplace culture that acknowledges the added value of a diverse workforce and enables every member of its personnel to contribute to their full potential regardless of nationality, gender, age, profession, and individual differences such as ethnic origin, belief, sexual orientation or disability, or opinions provided that they are consistent with the Organization’s values.
  • Assuring that these diversity principles are integrated into all organisational policies, procedures and practice.

“As nationalities mingle and visitors come and go, the exchange of ideas and the circulation of people is the life-blood that keeps CERN alive.”

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