Discussing Diversity and Inclusion with Googlers

13 Mar 2017 -- Ioanna Koutava

On 10 March 2017, in the framework of the International Women's day on 8 March, the Women in Technology community organised an all-day visit to the Google Offices in Zürich, sponsored by the CERN IT department.

The visit was attended by a group of 20 female CERN members of the personnel, mostly engaged in the domain of Computer Science; the CERN Diversity team participated in the visit.

Magdalena Kowalska giving a Google Talk at Google Offices in Zürich.
Magdalena Kowalska
(ISOLDE Experiment) 
giving a Google talk.

The visit provided an excellent opportunity to meet the Global Diversity Program Manager, Sofia Sharkova and learn more concerning the practices of the multinational technology company. During this session, we discovered more about Google's future strategy to engage more women and minorities; the initiatives and research lead in education and outreach, and the challenges the team meets. Except for Sofia Sharkova, somewhat 40 Googlers - volunteers are devoting part of their working time to the Diversity programme. Google is also carrying out research to identify the drivers that motivate women to engage in computer science.

Finally, the all-day event also featured a one hour Google Talk, coordinated by WIT and Google, by Magdalena Kowalska from the ISOLDE Experiment. The senior researcher introduced CERN, her career as an experimental physicist and answered numerous questions by Googlers.

To find out more about the Women in Technology community, please visit cern.ch/wit.