Physical ability - disablility and redeployment


Disability is one of the five dimensions covered by CERN’s diversity policy, embedded under “Individual Differences”. We therefore address the special needs of people with reduced mobility, meaning access and equipment as needed as well as support structures as appropriate for persons with temporary or permanent disabilities.

Find our more about infrastructures for people with reduced mobility HERE.



  • Joint Advisory Rehabilitation and Disability Board (JARDB) – shall be responsible for proposing appropriate measures to the Director-General in the event of incapacity for work of staff members or fellows.
  • Rehabilitation measures – when the incapacity is temporary, the JARDB shall propose the measures that may be necessary for the rehabilitation of the staff member or fellow. These measures shall not entail demotion.
  • Recognition of partial disability – disability is equal to or lower than 50% and rehabilitation is possible in the Organization, it shall be recognised as partial and the staff member or fellow concerned shall be retained in employment with reduced working hours.
  • Recognition of total disability – disability is in excess of 50% or where no rehabilitation is possible within the Organization, it shall be recognised as total and shall result in termination of the contract of the staff member or fellow concerned. 

For detailed information on the support structures, see CERN Staff Rules and Regulations.